Yankee Candle Deals

Some more great deals from Yankee Candle! Let’s start with this mega chocolate bundle which contains:

  • 12 x Mars Duo 70g Bars (Best Before 27/12/20)
  • 12 x Snickers Duo 80g Bars (Best Before 03/01/21)
  • 30 x Twix Xtra 75g Bars (Best Before 19/07/20)
  • 24 x M&M Peanut 70g Bags (Best Before 19/07/20)

That’s 78 Pieces of Chocolate (Total 5.7kg) for £30. Can I eat 30 twix bars and 24 bags of M&Ms in just over a week? Of course I can.

This Official Yankee Candle 53 Piece Ultimate Summer Bundle is just £20.

  • 5 x Afternoon Escape 49g Votive candles
  • 5 x Camellia Blossom 49g Votive candles
  • 5 x Roseberry Sorbet 49g votive candles
  • 12 x Afternoon Escape tea-lights
  • 12 x Camellia Blossom tea-lights
  • 12 x Roseberry Sorbet tea-lights
  • 2 x Glass Votive Bucket Candle Holders

Items Supplied In Mail Order Plain Packaging.

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