Poundshop Delivery!

Well my Sunday just got a whole lot more exciting with my long awaited Poundshop delivery! So much randomness in one box. I’ve been using these guys for years and do regular shops with them as I don’t have a local store. To be honest, I’m much happier browsing the shelves from the comfort of my own home anyway! They get new stock pretty much every day so you never really know what you’re going to find. As with other chains, they now offer products up to £5 so even more variety.

I was quite tame for me this round and would usually add about 10 packets of sweets and chocolate but was trying to be good to concentrated on a few bits for the garden instead. Honestly, there is so much on there I could go on for ages but great selection on home cleaning products, health and beauty and of course all the things you didn’t know existed and therefore didn’t even realise you need in your life.

Now for the small print… minimum spend is currently £30 with delivery at £4.95 but if like me you like to stock up monthly, it’s well worth it. Loads of summer stuff has just landed too, with great bits for the kids.

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